Black Fridays: Smokey Cummins Ram Duel on the Quarter Mile

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dueling diesel rams 600

While we feature plenty of Cummins Ram trucks leaving the competition in a cloud of smoke on the drag strip, this week’s Black Friday feature offers a Cummins on Cummins battle with both beasts rolling coal the whole way down the track.  This pair of 2nd gen Dodge Ram diesels obviously have some work done and as the two launch, we can tell (through the thick, black smoke) that the dually in the left lane has a clear edge in power.

In the end, the diesel dually Ram in the left lane outruns the single rear wheel diesel Ram in the right lane, running a 12.080 at 109.04 miles per hour to what appears to be a 14.081 at 91.18 miles per hour.  The massive amounts of diesel soot makes the actual race a little hard to see but really, that is what Black Friday is all about so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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