Ram teases the new model ahead of NY Auto Show – but what is it?

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ram teasers together.jpgStarting this past weekend, the Ram Truck brand began
teasing the new truck coming to the 2012 New York International Auto Show,
issuing four images of the vehicle described simply by the phrase “A Giant
Awaits”.  Ram issued four tightly cropped
images of this new Ram pickup but these pictures (shown above) don’t give us
any idea as to what the Ram Truck brand might have to unveil this Thursday in
the Big Apple.

Starting from the left, the first picture is pretty clearly
a close up of the grille and brand logo, clad in lots of chrome.  The third teaser image from the left is
obviously a badging – most likely the emblem found on the tailgate.  The second and fourth images are the tricky
ones with the second image showing what looks to be a knob while the fourth and
final (so far) image – it is hard to tell just what this one might be.

The second image of the new Ram pickup looks to be an
interior knob and this doesn’t give us much info.  We know that the new Ram will have knobs so
we have to believe that there is something special about this particular
knob.  Perhaps a new four wheel drive
system with various modes – similar to the system found on the current Grand
Cherokee SRT8?

What about this fourth teaser image of the new Ram
truck.  We have what looks to be a very
chrome laden item with the company logo printed on it but what is the component
which we are viewing?  In talking to some
Ram and Dodge truck enthusiasts, some believe that this could be a chrome
bumper or some other small detailed item on the outside of the new truck while
some question whether this is a chrome item inside.

We don’t know exactly what the Ram Truck brand will be
introducing this Thursday in New York – whether it will be a new trimline, a
new model or a new version of the Ram Truck itself.  However, with two more teasers set to debut
ahead of the New York Auto Show, we could know more over the next two days.

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