SRT offers the final 2013 Viper teaser ahead of debut

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viper teaser pair.jpgToday, the people at the Chrysler Group’s Street and Racing
Technology introduced what is intended to be the final teaser of the 2013 SRT
Viper ahead of the formal debut of the new supercar this Wednesday around noon
at the 2012 New York Auto Show.  This image,
while still leaving plenty to the imagination, provides us with our best
official look at the new Viper since the company began teasing the car in late

The image issued by the DriveSRT website this morning is
shown on the right above while on the right side is the same image with a bit
of photo editing done to lift the shadows the hide some additional lines of the
2013 SRT Viper.  We can see quickly from
both images that the new Viper will include the “double bubble” roofline
reminiscent of the original Viper GTS Coupe, allowing room for a driver and
passenger sporting race helmets.  We can
also see in both images that the large hood with feature a large central raised
area to make room for the 650-700 horsepower Viper V10 and on each side of that
hump is a channel that pulls hot air from the engine bay, using two rear facing
openings along the front of the hood. 
These extraction openings flank a large front facing opening that likely
helps pull air into the hungry engine of the 2013 Viper.

Once we enhanced the image, resulting in the picture on the
right, the quality went down but we can see even more of the 2012 SRT
Viper.  The enhanced image shows the
width of the front fenders in relation to the lines on the hood, including
large wheel flares that extend well past the upper edges of the hood and front
fenders.  We can also barely see that the
lower front fascia extends outward as it heads towards the ground and we can just
see the shadowy outlines of the large new headlights.

The 2013 SRT Viper is set to make its grand debut this
Wednesday around noon (EST) and you can watch the unveiling live on

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