Ram update on the Letters for Lyrics program

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DSC_0005.JPGYesterday, the Ram brand issued a press release about their further push
for 1,000,000 letters to be sent to American troops serving around the
world. Along with country music stars the Zak Brown Band, Ram is working
to promote a positive letter writing campaign for troops serving
overseas as we near the Memorial Day holiday.

To send a letter to a troop, all you have to do is stop in to your
neighborhood Dodge (especially Ram brand – but that is most of them, if
not all) dealership and find their Letters for Lyrics station. There,
you will find a short letter about the program as well as large blank
postcards. It takes less than a few minutes and in case supporting the
troops isn’t enough for you, Ram brand is offering a special country
music CD (hence the name Letters for Lyrics) to anyone who comes in and
fills out one of the special postcards.

I wanted to see the program for myself, so today I headed down to Orchard
in Washington MI and the employees there were
happy to point me to their Letters for Lyrics display. I filled out the
postcard with some friendly words for the troops and dropped it into the
decorative box and I received the special compilation CD.

Click here for more on the Letters for Lyrics program from the
Detroit Autos Examiner.

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