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ram rt front.JPGThe Dodge Ram has typically emphasized sportiness in a truck, a trend which began with the introduction of the second generation Ram in 1994.  The 360 powered Ram Sport laid the foundation, with trimlines like the SS/T, and when the SRT-10 Ram was introduced, it put a whole new meaning to the term “sport truck”.  Since the demise of this V10 monster, Dodge lovers have pled for a new sporty truck, and the new Dodge Ram R/T Concept is exactly what many are hoping for with the redesigned Ram.

ram rt rear.JPGThe heart of the Ram R/T Concept is the 5.7L Hemi, now offering 390 horsepower in normal (non-concept use) form.  To the stock engine, a Mopar performance cat-back exhaust system have been added, adding some power (no modified numbers have been given) and a nice throaty rumble. Ive also seen some sources make mention of a Mopar cold air intake kit, and while the hood was never open, at one point I took the liberty of opening the hood myself and it was just a basic 5.7L Hemi with the stock intake system.

That power is sent to the wheels by means of an automatic transmission with a high stall speed converter and 4.10 ratio gears, and according to Ma Mopar, the Ram R/T can hit 60 in about five and a half seconds…a 0-60 that would likely put it in the low to mid 14 second range, although I suspect that a wheel/tire change would surely put this truck into the 13s.

ram rt hood.JPGThe key design theme of the Dodge Ram R/T Concept was to make a sport truck based on styling cues from the new Dodge Challenger, which is fairly obvious, especially in the front.  The “power bulge” hood with carbon fiber accents is a direct take-off of the Challenger, right down to the stripes and air inlets.  The body colored grille with black inserts, along with the darkened headlights gives the truck a menacing look, and the front fascia definitely supports the “road and track” theme.  A hard tonneau with a integrated molded wing give the Ram R/T a very “race truck” look, and while the big wheels and tires look great, I suspect these to be a limiting factor in the trucks performance, although for street use, the huge five star wheels are a great touch.

ram rt seats.JPGThe inside of the Dodge Ram R/T Concept has been modified by adding a set of Katzkin leather seats, and matching B5 Blue accents around the shifter, center stack, vents, doors, and steering wheel pull together the whole package.

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