Dodge EV Beats Dodge SRT8.

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dodge ev1.JPGIt seems unlikely that a 268 horsepower electric powered Dodge concept wearing a Lotus body could beat a new Dodge Challenger SRT-8 in a short race from a stop, but during a recent show-off session of the new Dodge EV, that was exactly what happened.

The Rose Bowl parking lot was the site of the showdown between high-performance and high technology, and the result helped to secure the idea that not all electric vehicles are just for low-cost commuting.  So many companies have turned to hybrid and electric vehicles as a solution for “responsible efficient transportation”, that the enthusiasts’ standpoint has been forgotten.  The alternative power vehicles are a great alternative for those who only use their car to get from point A to point B, but for many of us, driving is an enjoyable experience, and the Dodge EV plans to prove that electric vehicles can provide the same fun as a combustion engine powered vehicle.

The Dodge Challenger SRT-8, packing 425 horsepower into the classically styled muscle car, has been front page news around the country since its concept debut in Detroit, so there is no better way to showcase the capabilities of the Dodge EV than to pit the two head-to-head. 

This video does a great job of showing how well the Dodge EV does compared to the SRT-8, but I have a few issues with the video.  The EV stays right with the Challenger for the first half, but if you listen closely the SRT-8 sounds like it’s a manual transmission, and its not being very well driven in the first run, and in the second run it sounds as though the Challenger driver missed a gear late in the race.  The electric sports car was able to use its instant-on 480lb-ft of torque to get it out of the hole, but the top end “performance” by the driver of the Challenger leaves some questions about how things would go if the driver knew what he or she was doing.

So, what does this video prove?  Tell us your thoughts on EV performance models!

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