SRT Introduces Time Attack Group for Viper GTS Anodized Carbon Edition

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The SRT Viper Time Attack model allowed the Chrysler Group to reclaim some track records briefly held by the Chevrolet Corvette thanks to a specially tuned suspension setup, unique aero bits and a lower curb weight thanks to the fact that the Time Attack model is based on the base SRT Viper and not the loaded Viper GTS.  The problem with this was that the Time Attack package improves downforce and gives the Viper a more race ready look – which really became a problem when those folks who own the range topping Viper GTS couldn’t get these components for their Mopar supercar.

SRT first solved this problem by offering components of the Time Attack package as add-on options but at the New York International Auto Show, the Chrysler Group has announced the new Time Attack Group for the Viper GTS.  To make things even more exciting, 10 of the 50 Anodized Carbon Edition SRT Viper GTS models will be fitted with the new Time Attack Group –creating the most unique SRT Vipers sold thus far.  Although these Time Attack equipped Viper GTS models will offer the same aerodynamic upgrades and the tire/suspension goodies, the actual SRT Viper TA models will likely still offer better performance due to being slightly lighter, but the added performance and the enhanced look of the Time Attack Group could make for a very attractive option for future Viper GTS buyers.


The Time Attack Group for the Viper GTS begins on the outside where the carbon fiber two piece front splitter setup and the carbon fiber rear deck lid spoiler from the Viper TA offer 339 pounds of downforce at 150 miles per hour.  Helping to make the most of that downforce is a set of matte black lightweight forged-aluminum Sidewinder wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires.  Next, the suspension system is upgraded with the two mode Bilstein dampers with special high performance spring rates (and bright orange springs) along with the aggressively tuned Street and Track suspension modes and solid front and rear sway bars.  Finally, a high performance Brembo braking system – similar to the one featured on the track-only Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X – brings in 6 piston rotors clamping down over huge two piece rotors for stopping power like few vehicles in the world.

To showcase the new Time Attack Group in the biggest way possible, the Chrysler Group has introduced the new package on the limited edition Anodized Carbon Edition SRT Viper GTS.  This gorgeous matte metallic black package is limited to just 50 units and cars number 41 through 50 will all be fitted with the new Time Attack package.  Pricing hasn’t been announced, but I would expect that the Time Attack Group for the Viper GTS will have a similar MSRP to the $16,000 upcharge for the TA package on the base SRT Viper.  When combined with the Anodized Carbon Edition package, the 2014 SRT Viper GTS will likely carried a fully loaded price up around $155,000.  This isn’t going to help Viper sales numbers all that much, but it will continue to allow the Chrysler Group to meet the bespoke needs of the wealthiest buyers.

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