Near-stock Hellcat Charger on Drag Radials Runs 10.80s: Drag Day Tuesday Presented by Nitto NT555 G2 Tire

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With the advantage of better tires and a stronger driveshaft, this Hellion Charger runs in the 10-second range.

This video comes from the SRT B5 on YouTube, and it shows a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat making a handful of quarter miles in near-stock form. We get to ride along from a few different views along with watching the runs from trackside as this 4,500-pound, four-door sedan lays down one 10.8 run after another – with one bad run being an 11.5.

SRT B5 Charger

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat in the video above is owned and driven by the YouTuber SRT B5. When these runs were made, this car was stock under the hood, with the only changes from the factory being a stronger driveshaft and a set of drag radial tires. The driveshaft is really more of a safety feature, but the drag radials allow this 707-horsepower Mopar sedan to put more power to the ground.

B5 Blue Hellcat Charger

Even with a cold track, this supercharged Dodge Charger is able to run back-to-back 10-second quarter mile times with the only real performance upgrade being the stickier tires.

Racing Action

In the first bit of racing action, the B5 Blue Hellcat Charger takes on a Mercedes-Benz. Not surprisingly, the big Dodge takes an early lead and never looks back, running a 10.86 at 128 miles per hour.

On the next run, SRT B5 takes on another Dodge Charger and beats it soundly, running his best time of the day of 10.832 at 127 miles per hour.

B5 Blue Charger Hellcat Inside

The third run was a throwaway, with traction problems through the first two gears limiting the hellish kitty’s to a balmy 11.5, but on the fourth and final run – the Hellcat sedan blasts back into the 10.80s.

Throughout this video, we get to watch the B5 Charger roar down the track from a variety of different angles, including a view of the front tires, a view through the windshield and a look at the driver, along with some vertical footage from trackside.

B5 Blue Hellcat Charger Rear

The bottom line here is that on a slippery track in cool air, a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat with just better-than-stock tires ran run repeated 10.80s with a good launch.

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