Modified Cadillac Challenges Demon: Drag Day Thursday Presented by Nitto NT555 G2 Tire

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Stock Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is too much for the built CTS-V on the slick track.

There are lots of videos on YouTube showing the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon being beaten by all sorts of modified vehicles. When this Cadillac pulled into the beams against a stock Demon, the driver and her team likely planned to add another Demon-beating to the internet discussions, but that didn’t happen. In fact, not only did the Caddy not slay the Demon, but in the process of trying – the supercharged CTS-V itself died during the run.

Powerful Competitors

This video comes to us from cudatali on YouTube channel, and it features a quarter-mile battle between a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and a previous generation Cadillac CTS-V coupe.

We don’t have any details on the Cadillac, but it doesn’t take an expert to guess that it is not stock. The LSA V8 under the hood has likely been beefed up to make more power and we can see that it has skinnies up front and big racing skins out back. If nothing else, the quarter mile ET from this CTS-V makes it clear that this car is far from stock.

Demon Racing CTS-V

As for the Demon, it is just about stock. The only thing that has been changed from the factory is the rear tires, which have been replaced with a stickier set of drag radials. Of course, the Challenger also has the 840-horsepower PCM, the air filter, the skinny front runners and the other features of the Demon Crate, but shy of those unique items and the new tires – this Mopar monster is stock.

Race Time 

We spoke with Nephtali Garibay, the driver and owner of this TorRed Mopar muscle car. He explained that prior to this run, the young lady with the Cadillac had her team setting up plenty of rear-facing GoPro cameras as they seemingly planned on making another video of a built car beating a stock Demon.

However, as soon as the green lights dropped, the new Dodge grabbed the early lead. While the CTS-V kept the race relatively tight as both cars struggled for grip on the slick track, the Demon stayed out front and got the win light.

On the other hand, not only did the Cadillac lose the race, but it appeared to blow the engine on the top end, with thick, white smoke pouring from the rear of the car just past the finish line.

Caddy Breaks Against Demon

Although the new Demon has proven to be a tough car to launch on a slick track, this new supercharged Challenger owner claimed a victim here and that victim fought so hard that she couldn’t come back for a second round.

In the end, the Demon ran a 10.73 at 133 miles per hour while the Caddy ran a 10.77 at 110 miles per hour while blowing the engine.

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