Stolen 1,000 HP Dodge Challenger

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Let’s be honest, a Dodge Challenger isn’t the best platform to break the 200 mile per hour barrier in a standing mile. Or is it? Pictured above is Joel Highsmith’s custom Dodge Challenger. This monster of a machine sports a Kenne Belle supercharged 426 HEMI making an astonishing 1,012 rear wheel horsepower.  Combine that with a custom Charger Daytona/Plymouth Superbird body kit that helps reduce drag and keep the car stable at high speeds and you get a car that is capable of reaching 200 miles per hour in under a mile. Joel has invested over $200,000 building his most prized possession and now he needs your help.

Challenger and Trailer

At approximately 7:00 PM Pacific Time on the evening of February 2, 2014, Joel’s custom Dodge Challenger was stolen from Spankin Time Performance in San Bernardino, California. Spankin Time Performance is responsible for building several high performance vehicles for an up and coming race team called Team Spankin Time. The Dodge Challenger was stored away in its 39-foot-long black and red enclosed trailer when a white Ford F350, with what security cameras reveal to be a two tone color, hauled the trailer away with the car still inside. The truck is believed to be a 1999 to 2007 with a long bed, lifted suspension and 35 inch tires. A partial license plate has been reported with the following characters: 8KJ396.

Since the date of the robbery, the trailer has been recovered and was found in Riverside. Three suspects have been arrested and are in custody. However, the Dodge Challenger is still missing.

The SoCalLX community, along with the Mopar enthusiast community, have all shown their support by sharing this story and the details of the theft on the internet to help Joel recover his Dodge Challenger. Let’s help spread the word and get his car back to him in one piece! If anybody has information or details about the robbery, the car or the individuals responsible for the heist, please contact the authorities immediately. You may also contact Team Spankin Time by visiting their Facebook page here or emailing them at [email protected]

UPDATE: Joel’s Dodge Challenger has been found! Details on the recovery of the vehicle to come.

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