Cool Thread of the Day: What have you towed with your Dakota?

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dakota n camaro 600

While the Ram truck lineup is the better known modern Chrysler Group pickup when it comes to being a work horse, the Dodge Dakota is just as capable of pulling big loads as many half ton Ram trucks.  Evidence of that fact is a thread in our Dodge Dakota general section where DodgeForum member Dakota~N~Camaro asks other Dakota owners what was the biggest object they have towed with their midsized Dodge pickup.

This thread shows a variety of Dodge Dakota pickups hard at work pulling campers, tractors, utility trailers and a handful of different vehicles including a big Chevy mud truck, a Jeep Wrangler, A DeSoto and even a couple Camaros.  Are you a Dakota owner and you are curious to see what heavier loads fellow Dakota owners have pulled…or perhaps you want to show off a large load you have pulled behind your Dak…this is the thread for you!

Click here to head into the Dodge Dakota section to share your heavy hauling experiences!

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