Tech Thread Spotlight: 2g Dodge Neon Power Rear Decklid Install

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neon trunk butto 600n

The ability to open your truck without having to get out with the key and open it manually can prove to be very handy if you are often carrying cargo in your truck but while some Dodge Neon sedans came with a remote power trunk button, many did not.  Fortunately, installing the items needed to turn your manual trunk to a power unit is fairly simple and by finding a Neon in a junkyard already equipped with the power trunk release can allow you to install this setup very inexpensively.  Best of all, DF member MJSchutt put together an incredible DIY thread with dozens of pictures that walk you through every step of the procedure.

This Dodge Neon power trunk lid install DIY walks you through the process of getting the components that you need from the donor car, how to install these components in your Neon, how to wire in these components and hot to run the wiring from the front of the car to the trunk safely to ensure that it works for a long time.

Click here to head into the 2nd gen Dodge Neon section for a look at the awesome DIY that details how to add a remote trunk pop button to your Neon.

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