Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Add Tow Hooks to Your 1g Dodge Dakota

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dakota 1g tow hook 600

There are oddly no tow hook package specifically designed for the 1st generation Dodge Dakota so those owners who want to have a set of hooks to pull out stuck Chevys and Fords will have to rely on some American ingenuity with the use of some non-Dakota specific components.  DF’s resident Dakota guru and moderator Crazy4x4RT put together a thread explaining how to make your own tow hooks with some average off-the-shelf tow hooks from a parts store.

In addition to showing and explaining the tow hook setup on his Dakota, Crazy4x4RT also included some images of other options when 1st gen Dakota owners are trying to rig up a front end tow hook setup on their midsized Dodge pickups.  These other options don’t come with explanations but if you have the mechanical know how to make your own tow hooks for your Dakota – you should be able to at least get some positive direction from the additional images.

Click here to head into our 1st generation Dodge Dakota section to see how to fab up tow hooks for your old school Dakota pickup!

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