Tech Thread Spotlight: Adjusting the Ride Height of Your Dakota with the Torsion Bars

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Lifting or lowering your car or truck can be an expensive modification but if your ride has a torsion bar front suspension setup like the Dodge Dakota (or my 1972 Dodge Demon) – you can make slight adjustments to your ride height with just  a little elbow grease and some basic tools.

DodgeForum moderator and Dakota guru Crazy4x4RT put together a quick and simple DIY that explains how to adjust your ride height by tightening or loosening the torsion bar adjustment bolts.  It really is as easy as he makes it out to be – provided that the bolts are free and lubricated well enough that they move without an impact gun.  Ive adjusted the height of my Demon using the torsion bars and while it wont get you 3 inches in any direction, owners of vehicles with torsion bar setups are able to make slight changes in their ride height right in their driveway or garage.

Click here to check out the torsion bar adjustment DIY thread to see how to lift or lower your Dakota (or any other vehicle with front torsion bar suspension).  The instructions are in the second post and there is also a bit of discussion about how raising or lowering your vehicle with the torsion bars will affect things like your vehicle’s alignment.

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