2013 Mopar Nationals in Images: The Trucks

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While there are a great many cars in the race, show and “fun field” area of the Mopar Nationals each year, almost none of those cars would make it to the show if not for the Dodge and Ram trucks that pull the trailers from around the country.  While there are hundreds (if not thousands) of hard working Ram trucks on the grounds, there are also plenty of Mo-Powered pickups featured throughout the  grounds – from the race track to the show field.

I spent some time cruising around the infield area of the Mopar Nationals at National Trails Raceway in Ohio this past weekend, catching some shots of some of the coolest Dodge trucks to be seen.  Included in this gallery of Dodge and Ram brand products is one very cool Plymouth Arrow pickup, a 12 second Ram Van, a Dodge Dude and many more great looking trucks from the Chrysler Group with a collection that spans some 50+ years.  Enjoy!

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