Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Change Your 4th Gen Ram Hemi Spark Plugs

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4th gen ram hemi 600

Changing your own spark plugs – especially in a Hemi powered Ram that has two plugs per cylinder – might seem like a highly technical job but this week’s Tech Thread Spotlight features a great DIY on how to change the spark plugs in the mighty 5.7L Hemi.  Changing the spark plugs in the Hemi Ram can improve performance and fuel economy but a tune up can be costly.  Fortunately, with the help of this pictorial DIY and a handful of basic tools, even the greenest mechanic can change their own plugs in their driveway or garage.

Best of all, since this Hemi Ram spark plug change DIY has notes along the way that don’t pertain so much to actually changing the plugs but rather, they offer up tips to avoid making the job as safe and easy as possible.

Click here to read DF member merv’s 4th gen Ram Hemi spark plug change DIY.  If you have previously avoided the job because you weren’t sure what was involved, this thread shows just how easy it can be with proper instructions

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