Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Change the Rear Spring Shackles in Your Dakota

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dakota shackle diy 600

Are you looking to add some extra ground clearance in your Dodge Dakota and you arent sure if you can do the work yourself…but you don’t want to face the labor costs of having someone do it for you?  You are in luck as our 1st generation Dodge Dakota section has a great DIY written up by DF moderator Crazy4x4RT that takes you through the step by step process of changing the rear shackles to add height to your rig.

This Dakota shackle DIY includes tips to make the job easier along with directions as to where to get the parts and what parts from other Dodge or Ram vehicles have similar components that will work in certain applications.  Best of all, no high end tools or welding is necessary so with some help from a couple friends (mostly to remove the bed), this is a job that most mechanics can perform on their Dakota right in their home garage or driveway.

Click here to head into the 1st gen Dakota section to check out this great rear shackle DIY!

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