Truckin Fast Wednesdays: Dodge Dakota Drift Practice

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drifting dakota 600

On our Truckin Fast Wednesday feature, we look at Dodge and Ram trucks participating in all sorts of high performance activities from drag racing to dirt racing to racing around an oval but today we watch a Dodge Dakota drifting at Rockford Speedway – marking the first time that we have really seen a Dodge truck participating in the rapidly growing motorsport.  We have previous watched a Dodge Ram SRT10 slip and slide his way around a big track while smoking the rear tires but that wasn’t drifting in the sporting sense, it was just an incredibly long rolling burnout.

This Dodge Dakota R/T is likely modified to drift this well and if nothing else, the owner has at least installed a nice loud exhaust system as this truck sounds fantastic as it drifts its way around the track.  It also appears to be sitting awfully low so I would suspect that this Dakota also has some suspension work – although it looks like he is rolling on the stock rims.

In any case, this 2nd gen Dodge Dakota R/T puts on a pretty solid example of drifting on this small track, showing that not only Nissans with Chevy engines could put on a nice smokey slide show. At the end of the video, this Dakota also does an awesome rolling burnout right in front of the cameraman – serving as a great ending point.


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