Tech Thread Spotlight: Common Ram Diesel Modifications and How They Affect Your Warranty

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One of the most common questions that Ram owners face on DodgeForum is “how will this modification affect my warranty?”  Because of that, one of our members put together a lengthy thread running through the common modifications made to the Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Ram trucks along with what problems those modifications can cause and if they do – how it will affect your warranty.

While the modifications are fairly vague, this thread runs through the most common modification areas of the Cummins powered Ram world from basics like a cold air intake to nitrous oxide.  The list then runs through the common problems caused by making performance modifications to the CTD Ram.  This list was originally issued to dealerships so that they know what to look for when addressing the various engine problems that are commonly experienced by service departments from owners who have built their Cummins Turbo Diesel engine to pack more power than stock.

It should be noted that under the Magnusson Moss act, a dealership or automaker can only refuse warranty work when they can prove that an aftermarket modification has caused the component failure.  This list can also let you know what dealerships are looking for so if you have damaged something by making too much power – you know why the dealership might shoot you down when you bring your Ram in for free repairs under warranty.

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