Truckin Fast Wednesdays: 2nd Gen Cummins Ram Smokes Turbo Acura NSX – Literally

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ctd ram smokes nsx 600

It is always fun watching a Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Ram beat up on a high performance sports car and having the Ram leave the car in a cloud of diesel soot in the process serves as an extra bonus.  This week’s truckin fast Wednesday video shows a 2nd generation Cummins Ram smoking a turbocharged Acura NSX.  In fact, the Ram smokes up the track so badly that we don’t know what either vehicle ran in the quarter mile – nor do we know who actually won the race.

We can see as the race begins (and before diesel soot engulfs the track) that the 2nd gen Ram in the far lane screams out to a quick lead ahead of the boost Japanese supercar.  Around the 14 second mark of the video, we can see through the smoke that the Ram is still out ahead of the NSX and the track announcer is talking about the vehicle in the left lane which would lead me to believe that the big Ram won the race.  However, we don’t know that for sure but the fact that this Ram is able to tear out to a big lead over one of the most respected Japanese sports cars of all time shows that it is pretty truckin fast – regardless of who won the race or what the vehicles ran.


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