Tech Thread Spotlight: Durango Transmission Problem Diagnosis Explained

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1st gen durango 600

Is the transmission in your Ram, Dakota, Durango, Charger or other Dodge product acting a little strange but you don’t want to take it to a shop just yet due to the high costs associated with transmission work?  If so, you are in luck as Durango guru hydrashocker put together a great thread in the 1st gen Durango section listing the various conditions that can affect an automatic transmission and how to address those problems – or at least offering an idea of what might be wrong for those who don’t have the mechanical know-how to fix the problem on their own.

Best of all, this 2g Durango transmission diagnostic thread is packed full of information that applies to just about every vehicle on the road with an automatic transmission so whether you drive a newer Durango, a Ram or a Charger SRT8 – this thread can offer you some insight into why your transmission might not be acting like it did when the vehicle was new.

Click here for a closer look at an elaborate rundown of the various problems that can plague the transmission in your Durango, Ram or any other Chrysler Group vehicle.

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