Cool Thread of the Day: 1st Gen Ram Fuel Economy Thread

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1st gen dodge ram 600

While the modern age of the Dodge Ram shows more emphasis on fuel economy, the old school trucks of the first generation Ram were among the least efficient vehicles on the road. Many of these Rams had big V8 engines, 3 speed automatic transmissions and steep rear end gears for the best towing and acceleration possible – a combination which isnt likely to yield great fuel economy. However, if you have a 1st gen Dodge Ram truck and you want to see if your truck gets much worse (or maybe much better) fuel economy than similar trucks, we have a thread for you.

Even if you don’t have a 1st gen Ram and you just want to feel better about the fuel economy capabilities of your newer Ram, this thread will likely do the trick. Having previously owned two 1st gen Rams – both of which struggled to offer much better than 10 miles per gallon – I can say that their awesomeness made up for their inefficiencies but with gas prices hovering in the mi $3 per gallon range, owners still like to know if their truck could be doing a little better at the pump.

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