Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Fix a Blurry Backup Camera in Your 3g Durango

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3rd gen durango backup camera wiring 600

The 3rd generation Dodge Durango elevated the Chrysler Group large SUV to a whole new level of luxury without departing from the sporty nature of the Durango name.  The high tech infotainment packages offered in the 3g Durango have proven to be a popular feature but some buyers have discovered that their backup camera can be a bit blurry either from the factory or after installing a “Lock Pick” program.  If you are one of the new Durango owners who is experiencing some unsavory issues with your backup camera, you are in luck as has a quick and simple DIY that can help you fix the blurry video.

DF member TonyCrew found that when he removed his head unit from the dash of his Durango, there were some questionably wrapped wires in the dash that were creating the blurry video.  With just a careful taping job, he was able to clear up his rear view video and other Durango owners who have experienced the same problems have confirmed that his fix does take care of the issue.

Click here to head to the 3rd generation Dodge Durango section for a look at the blurry backup camera DIY!

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