Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Flush Your Ram Transmission Fluid

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ram trans flush 600

Changing the transmission fluid in your Ram can be a messy job and if not correctly, it will not be as effective but taking it to a shop can cost over $100 just to have the transmission flushed.  Fortunately, Ram owner and DF moderator dirtydog put together an awesome DIY thread on how to best change your Ram’s transmission fluid in the most effective way possible – shy of paying a transmission place a fortune for little more than some new fluid and a half hour of their time.

This Ram transmission fluid flush DIY is so simple when put down on paper that you will be amazed that you’ve not been addressing the issue on your own while you have owned your Ram and best of all – you don’t really need anything special to do it.  This DIY also allows you to change your transmission filter and, if you should choose to do so, replace your transmission pan gasket.

Click here to head into the DodgeForum 3rd Gen Ram section to check out the DIY transmission flush!


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