Mopar Muscle Thursday: Turbocharged 1968 Dodge Dart Tears Up the Track

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1968 turbo dart 600

As much as I love the sound of a big supercharging whining under the hood of an American muscle car, there is something even more special about hearing the distinct whistle of a turbocharger setup in conjunction with the roar of a V8 – and the 1968 Dodge Dart in the video below is a beautiful example of the turbo Mopar V8.

The 318 cubic inch engine doesn’t get a whole lot of credit in the Mopar racing community but there is no question that nobody makes fun of the lack of displacement under the hood of this sleepy 1968 Dodge Dart.  It appears to be painted grey primer and while it has nice looking chrome wheels – it doesn’t look like a very fast car.  However, the second that this beast gets to smoking the tires in the burnout box with the evident whistle of a turbocharger over the roar of the V8, it becomes clear that this is no beat up old Dart.  After an awesome burnout, we watch this turbo Dart stage and tear away from the line en route to a run in the low 12s on a 12.01 dial.

The details of the video claim that this Dart runs in the 11.70s but the video is too blurry to see just what it runs here but even without any times at all- there is no question that this turbocharged Dodge Dart is one incredible piece of Mopar muscle machinery.


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