Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Rebuild the 44RE Automatic Transmission in Your Ram, Dakota or Durango

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One of the more prevalent complaints about Dodge Ram and Dakota pickups along with the older Durango SUVs is that the transmissions don’t always hold up to years of severe abuse.  I know the problem all too well Ive dealt with a transmission failure in our 94 Ram 1500 Sport and I can tell you that the fix can be very expensive.  Luckily, a member has put together a DIY on how to rebuild your 44RE automatic transmission and while this post resides in the 1st generation Durango section – this rebuild DIY complete with images and a video could help Ram, Dakota and Durango owners with a transmission problem when they are in a pinch.

Now, I should point out that out of all of the DIYs here on, a transmission rebuild is likely one of the more intricate so a novice mechanic might want to think twice before he or she rips the transmission out of their Ram, Dakota or Durango with the intention of rebuilding it themselves.  However, for those skilled shade tree mechanics who want to solve their shifting problems in the comfort of their own garage – this thread will walk you through the ins and outs of transmission repair with images, diagrams and even a 28 minute video of a similar transmission being repaired.

Click here to take a look at the repair DIY for the 1st gen Durango that also applies to 1989-2001 Dodge Ram 1500s with rear wheel drive, the 1989-2003 Dodge Dakota  and a variety of Jeep SUVs from 1993 through 2004.

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