Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Troubleshoot Your Durango AC Problems

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Have you run into technical difficulties with the air conditioning system in your Dodge Durango but you don’t want to have to deal with the massive costs involved with taking the truck to a shop?  DodgeForum may be able to help.  Our Moderator shrpshtr325 put together this wonderfully informative thread on how to recognize, diagnose and repair problems with your air conditioning system and best of all – it applies to more than just the Durango.

While it should be pointed out that repairing or replacing components of your vehicle’s air conditioning system is probably going to be far more detailed than – say – changing your oil, this thread can give an experienced shade tree mechanic a fighting chance of addressing an AC issue on his or her own before resorting to the high price of a dealership or AC shop.  In addition to the first post, which details a long list of possible problems and how to address those problems, this thread has 9 pages of questions about AC problems and the answers to those problems so whether you have a 1st generation Durango or a brand new Charger R/T – this is a good thread to keep handy for when your air condition stops keeping you as cool as it once did.

Click here to check out the 1st generation Durango AC repair thread!

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