2013 Mopar Nationals: the Chargers

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In the history of Mopar Performance, there is arguably no name that comes to mind more quickly than the Dodge Charger.  Introduced for the 1966 model year, the Charger helped to usher in the Mopar muscle car era and it ran through the 1978 model year as a big, bold rear wheel drive 2-door.  While the Charger name resurfaced as a front wheel drive compact in 1983, the Charger name returned in a big way for the 2006 model year when the LX-based Charger sedan was introduced.  This new Charger caused some Mopar lovers to gripe about the fact that it was a 4-door sedan but the return of the mighty Hemi V8 to the Charger was a welcomed addition to the dealership lineup.

While the vintage Dodge Chargers are among the most collectable of all of the classic Mopar muscle cars, the modern Dodge Charger sedan has made a big place for itself in the world of raced and customized Mopar muscle cars – even if it has two extra doors.  The gallery below provides a look at the spread of Chargers from the 2013 Mopar Nationals with an emphasis on the old school iron along with a look at the coolest of the modern Charger sedans.  Enjoy!

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