Tech Thread Spotlight: Installing an Electric Water Pump on Your 2g Dakota

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dakota electric water pump 600

The water pump on your Dodge Dakota engine keeps the powerplant cool, but it also eats up a surprising amount of power so if you can run the water pump with some other source than the belt that runs off of the crankshaft, you can free up a few more ponies to send to the wheels. DF member magnethead is in the process of building and racing a 2001 Dakota with a V6 engine, so he is working to free up as much power as possible. His latest project was installing an electric water pump driver on his Dakota and he put together a quick write up on the ins and outs of installing this handy gadget under the hood of his pickup.

I have used this exact same product on my Dodge Mirada for years now, both on the street and on the track without any problems so for someone who is looking for a relatively inexpensive mod that is fairly easy to do and helpful in more than one way, magnethead’s Dakota electric water pump driver mod is a one. Whether you are modding a V6 Dakota or a 1970 Hemi Challenger, this modification can help (although installation details vary by vehicle).

Click here to check out magnethead’s Dakota electric water pump driver DIY.


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