Tech Thread Spotlight: Lowering an Old School 1st Gen Dodge Ram or D Series

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GLHS592 ram 600

There is no question that 1st gen Dodge Ram (and the Dodge D Series trucks before they became the Ram) look awesome when dropped.  While they have very upright lines, a slight drop goes a long way in making the earlier Ram trucks look like sport trucks but those old school Dodge truck owners who want to lower their truck will find a distinct lack of aftermarket support for lowering their trucks.  Fortunately, DF member GLHS592 has put together an awesome DIY on how to lower your early 1970s Dodge trucks by using parts that can be found in many junkyards.

Using components from an early 1970s Dodge Ram Van, you can lower your Dodge D Series pickup by a couple inches and while it isnt literally a direct swap, changing the lower control arms from the truck to those designed for the van can bring down the nose of your pickup by some 3 inches. Also, to lower the back end of the truck to match the front, flipping the rear differential allows you to safely lower the rear end without spending big money on new components and GLHS592 has included the how-to for the rear end as well.

Finally, GLHS592 has included pictures of his great looking early Dodge D150 before and after performing his lowering DIY.  As you can see in the image above, his truck looks amazing.

Click here to head into the forum for a closer look!

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