Tire Shredding Tuesday: Cammed 1969 Dodge Charger Sounds Great Before, During and After Burnouts

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69 charger burnout 600

Now, while I admit that the vast majority of our Tire Shredding Tuesday clips show Dodge, Ram or some other Chrysler brand doing a much nastier burnout than the few shown in the video below – this 1969 Dodge Charger looks and sounds too awesome to skip over.  This Charger roars to life around 5 seconds in and when I say “roars to life”, I mean roars to life.  It is unclear exactly what Mopar engine is under the hood but a few things are very clear: this Dodge Charger has a big lumpy camshaft and it has one seriously loud exhaust system which I suspect is either open headers or maybe a cutout.  In any case, this Charger is gorgeous and the roar of the Mopar V8 is like music to my ears.

Of course, we couldn’t be showing off this classic Dodge Charger as part of the Tire Shredding Tuesday segment without some burnouts so after letting us hear the Charger grumble at idle – the driver pulls it out into the long driveway for some quick examples of how easily this Dodge muscle car will roast the tires.  Fortunately, there are several cameras on hand so we get to watch the three brief burnouts from a variety of angles – making for a great video of classic Dodge muscle in action.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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