Tech Thread Spotlight: Making Your Own Cold Air Intake for a 3g Dakota

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buckmaster cai 600

A cold air intake is a great first modification for your Dodge Dakota but there are so many brands on the market – with prices that seem awfully high for what is little more than a 3 inch tube, an air filter and a few couplers – picking the right one can be tricky.  For the most part, cold air intakes all do the same basic job with only slight differences from one brand to the next so when dealership with that decision for his Dakota, DF member Buckmaster decided to make his own cold air intake.

Buckmaster made his Dakota CAI out of things that you can find any pretty much any home improvement or hardware store along with a universal conical air filter that you can buy at any auto parts store.  The result is a cold air intake that might not look at pretty as some of the polished aluminum units on the market but the end result should be comparable power added to the Dakota.  While this setup might not bring cold air intake the Dakota’s engine, this setup is far less restrictive than the stock air box so there are gains to these short style intakes as well as the longer units that put the filter closer to the headlight.

Click here to head into the 3g Dodge Dakota section for a look at how Buckmaster made the cold air intake for his truck.

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