Tech Thread Spotlight: Replacing Your 3rd Gen Dakota Thermostat

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3rd gen dakota tstat 600

Changing the thermostat in your 3rd generation Dodge Dakota can serve as a performance mod as it helps to keep the engine running cooler or you can simply change the thermostat as a preventative measure as your truck ages, but in either case it is a job that you can do at home with only basic tools and experience. DF member Eimer123 put together a great DIY piece that details how to change the thermostat in the last generation Dakota fitted with the 4.7L V8 so whether you are trying to improve the performance or you are simply troubleshooting an overheating condition – this DIY thread can be incredibly helpful in servicing your Dak.

The thermostat of the 4.7L V8 in the 3rd gen Dodge Dakota is notched, which prevents owners from buying a lower priced non-Mopar part but Eimer addresses how to get around that problem. This will allow you to run any thermostat that fits so rather than running the stock 195 degree unit, you can swap to something that keeps your rig running a shade cooler.

Click here to head into the 3rd gen Dodge Dakota section for a closer look at the step by step DIY of how to change the thermostat in trucks fitted with the 4.7L V8.

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