Tech Thread Spotlight: Resetting the Oil Change Required Indicator in your 3g Dodge Durango

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2014 durango rt snow 600

The 3rd generation Dodge Durango has a similar “Oil Change Required” message on the dash like so many other new Chrysler Group vehicles sold today.  These indicators are great for those people who need to be reminded when to take their Durango to the shop for an oil change, but it can be an annoyance for those who perform their own regular maintenance.  This message is based on the duty cycle, not any measurement of dirtiness in the oil so even if you change your own oil, the Oil Change Required message will continue to show up.

Fortunately, clearing the Oil Change Required message in your 3g Dodge Durango is easy to do on your own and DF repair genius master tech put together a nice, easy DIY on how to clear the oil change message.  This DIY will allow you to clear you’re the Oil Change Required just like the dealership technicians do…but without having to pay a fortune for an oil change first.  Best of all, the resetting process doesn’t require anything but your key or key fob.

Click here to head into the 3rd gen Dodge Durango section for the Oil Change Required reset DIY!

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