Tire Shredding Tuesday: Dodge Charger RT Roasts the Tires with Girls on the Hood

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We feature lots of videos on DodgeForum which show people doing things with their cars, trucks and SUVs that we would not recommend trying at home – but today’s video of a Dodge Charger RT doing a big, smokey burnout with two girls sitting on the hood is risky enough to warrant an actual warning.  Kids, don’t try this at home.  That aside, this video stars an early Charger RT with some big Viper style wheels doing an impressive burnout somewhere outside of the USA.

This Dodge Charger RT makes short work of the beefy back tires over the course of roughly 15 seconds or so while a pair of girls who some might find sexy pose on the hood.  He then does another short burnout – after which the car stalls – and when he gets it started again the Charger slowly drives away.  The video kind of fizzles out, but this Charger does a great short burnout and this is also a great Public Service Announcement for how to not do burnouts safely…unless you want to run someone over.

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