Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Service Your 3g Ram Windshield Wipers

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If you have a 3rd gen Dodge Ram pickup with windshield wipers that don’t work quite as well as they once did, you are in luck as DF member ewing111 put together a great DIY thread with a ton of pictures that walk you through the process of fixing the intermittent wiper issue.  The good news is that all you will need is some free time, some basic hand tools and white electrical contact grease to fix the problem yourself at home.

Ewing111 walks you through each step of the process on his own Ram 1500, beginning with the most simple step of removing the wiper arms to the process of taking apart, cleaning out and lubricating the internal workings of the wiper motor.  Best of all, due to the location of all of these components on the 3rd generation Dodge Ram pickups, this DIY won’t have you busting your knuckles as you try to access things in tight areas.

Click here to head into the 3rd gen Ram FAQ section to check out the windshield wiper service DIY for yourself.  Even if you haven’t had problems with your wipers thus far, this is a common problem faced by many Ram owners but it can be solved with some elbow grease and some white electrical grease.

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