Mopar Muscle Thursday: Dodge Versus Plymouth in Classic Wheelstand Battle

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nss wheelstand match race 600

This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday clips features a pair of classic Mopar drag cars in a head to head battle that begins with a couple of massive wheelstands.  In the right (far) lane is a 1962 Dodge Dart and in the left lane (near) is a 1964 Plymouth Savoy as these two old school racers compete in the Nostalgia Super Stock shootout with a 426 Hemi V8 powering each of these beasts. As they launch in this heads up match, both cars carry the front wheels way up off of the ground with the Plymouth in the near lane getting the wheels up higher and longer than the Dodge in the far lane.

After both cars put on a launching clinic, they run side by side down the track with the Dodge Dart edging ahead at the finish line.  In the end, both cars run very impressive times but the Dodge in the far lane got to the line first with a time of 8.768 and a trap speed of 152.46 miles per hour while the Plymouth ran a 8.907 at 153.24 miles per hour.  These two Hemi powered beasts sound awesome while they are doing their thing so make sure to have your speakers cranked up and enjoy!

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