Tech Thread Spotlight: The Ultimate 4g Ram Build/DIY Thread

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realtrucks project ram 600

In the world of Tech Thread Spotlight topics, it doesn’t get much better than the 4g Ram 2500 build thread that we are featuring today.  While most pickup build threads would fall into our “Cool Thread” segment rather than the Tech Thread Spotlight, this build thread is like few others in the simple fact that many of the steps are accompanied by a DIY video showing how to add the given component to your 4th gen Ram.

While this thread is most beneficial to 4g Ram 2500 owners, this thread is packed full of great information and DIY videos showing the step by step process of how to add each of these goodies to your truck – or to simply give you ideas about what you want to do to your truck in the future…regardless of the year or model.  From mild to wild, DF sponsor has plans to do a great many modifications to their Ram 2500 project truck so whether you want to change your grille or upgrade your suspension, this thread will provide you with helpful information over the coming weeks.

Click here to head into the 4th gen Ram truck section for a closer look at the Ram 2500 build project thread and make sure to check back often to see what the latest addition to this wicked modded Ram is each week!

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