Black Friday: 2g Cummins Ram Roars Through Serious Mud

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muddy ram bf 2g 600

A great many of the Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Dodge Ram pickups that we feature in our Black Friday arent really doing much other than showing off how much soot they can spew under hard throttle.  Sure, some of them are drag racing and some of them are on the dyno, but a great many of them are spotless heavy duty trucks sitting still and blowing smoke.  That is not the case with this week’s feature, as this 2nd gen Cummins Ram could very well have been featured on Muddy Monday as it throws as much mud as it does soot as it digs through the slop.

While the Ram trucks featured on Fridays typically make more smoke than this Cummins powered Dodge, this video is just too good to pass up.  This is one serious mud pit, with water and mud deep enough to swallow an average truck.  Fortunately, this Ram has a massive suspension lift and a set of hardcore mud tires so it is able to dig from one side of the pit to the other.  He gets a little hung up at the end, but he backs up and gets a harder run – with the smokey Cummins diesel engine providing enough forward thrust to get the Ram up and out of the mud.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy this muddy, smokey Ram in action!

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