The newest Dodge Dart ad debuts during the NFL debut

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Those of you who aren’t into NFL football or who did not
care to watch the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants square off for the
first regular season game of the 2012 season likely missed out on the new 2013
Dodge Dart advertisement.  Luckily,
DodgeForum has you covered and you can watch “”How to Make the Most Hi-Tech Car”

This new Dodge Dart TV ad is similar to the original
commercial that debuted during the 2012 Summer Olympics with a rapid succession
of images accompanied by a fast talking narrator and background music provided
by Kanye West and Jay-Z.  Unlike the
original, which walks us briskly through the many steps of designing a new
vehicle, this new commercial focuses specifically on the high tech aspects of
the car like the 7″ TFT gauge cluster display. 
Also unlike the original Dart commercial, this new spot takes a far more
lighthearted approach to how the Chrysler Group came up with the various high
tech features of their sexy new compact sedan.

As you can see in the commercial below, “How to Make the
Most Hi-Tech Car” begins with the company creating the 2013 Dodge Dart,
following by creating a time machine which they used to travel to the year 3000.  Once there, they found someone who could
create the TFT display and brought him back to the year 2012.  Future guy helped the company to create
things like the Thin Film Transistor display found between the tachometer and

Chrysler then sent Future Guy back to his own time and
destroyed the time machine while winning awards with the 2013 Dodge Dart that
are accepted by New England Patriots pretty boy quarterback Tom Brady.

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