This might just be the best 2013 SRT Viper video yet.

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Since the introduction of the 2013 SRT Viper, Viper GTS and
race-ready Viper GTS-R, there have been a variety of informative videos issued
about the Viper but this one might just be the coolest thus far.  This video offers a brief look at the history
of the legendary Dodge-turned-SRT Viper going all the way back to the original
Viper Concept’s debut at the 1989 Detroit Auto Show.

The video includes SRT CEO and President Ralph Gilles
talking about his first time “meeting” the Dodge Viper followed by a look at
how the Viper idea was established.  The
video then walks us through the progress from concept to production with a
variety of shots of the original Viper concept being tested and the production
model being introduced.  We also get a
cool look at what drove the design of the original Viper V10 engine.

One of my favorite parts of the video shows a clip from the
awesome TV show “Viper”, including showing the production Viper transforming
into the attack mode Viper hardtop in silver from the show.  The video then goes on to discuss the Viper’s
success as a race car before moving onto the evolution of the Viper to being
the new SRT Viper.

This Viper video also includes some information that could
have been very bad news, touching on the fact that the Viper was almost sold
off by those bastards at Cerberus.   Luckily, when Fiat bought into the Chrysler
Group, Sergio Marchionne made the call to keep the Viper in house and moved to
establish the gorgeous 5th generation of the Viper that we will soon
see on roads around the US.

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