Throwback Thursday: Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo Commercial

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Back in its day the Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo was a force to be reckoned with thanks to performance numbers that are still impressive by 2013 standards. It devoured the 0-60 sprint in just 4.89-seconds and thanks to a competent chassis backed by an AWD system, the car was deemed the “Affordable Ferrari” by Car and Driver. It might have been based on the Mitsubishi 3000 GT, but the Dodge variant was far cooler!
As a kid I would have killed for an R/T TT Stealth and can remember rushing to catch a glimpse of this commercial whenever I heard it come on. Maybe someday I’ll have enough cash to buy a low mileage example as a keepsake from my youth. Until then I’ll have to enjoy watching this cool commercial!

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