That Time Hennessey Attempted 230 mph in a Viper – Part 1

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Hennessey Performance recently grabbed a lot of headlines for hitting 270.49 miles per hour with its 1,244-bhp Venom GT.

But reaching such insane speeds hasn’t always been so easy for the Sealy, TX tuner.  Back in 2008, it juiced up a Dodge Viper Competition Coupe with twin turbos and a slew of other hi-po goodies in an attempt to go 230 mph over the course of the Maxton Mile.  Thanks to those snails, a big intercooler, revised plumbing, a new camshaft and a tweaked engine computer, the snake strikes with the force of 1,450 horses, a 350-hp bump over HP’s previous entry that did 225.  And that’s with less boost than the old car.  Getting up to 230 should be a cake walk.

Not so fast.  (No pun intended.  OK…maybe it is.)

The Hennessey creation is so damn powerful that when driver John Kiewicz shifts into fifth gear, a turbo energy grenade explodes, turning it into shrapnel.  Luckily, the crew has another $3,000 transmission in reserve.  Thirty minutes later, it’s in the road rocket.

Then the computer acts up.  In fifth gear.  A certain show must not be very popular at Hennessey HQ.

Will the Viper hit the magic number?  Stay tuned for Part 2.

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