Tire Shredding: 1st Gen Dodge Ram Makes Bright Red Smoke

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This week’s Tire Shredding Tuesday takes a look at a first gen Dodge Ram that I believe to be a Little Red Express clone fitted with a set of tires designed to burn bright red rather than the normal light gray.  Those who follow the Tire Shredding feature might recall that we had a Plymouth Barracuda with red burning tires last week and while this burnout isnt as massive as last week’s – I am on a red smoke burnout kick and I love watching Ram trucks do burnouts.

Although the burnout by the Dodge Ram shown below isnt as big as the one featured last week (which won the burnout competition at the Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals), this Ram won the Friday burnout competition at the 2009 Mopar Nationals at National Trails Raceway in Columbus.  Anyone who has been to both shows knows very well that there are far more performance cars at the Mopar Nationals with the massive amount of racing while Carlisle is reserved for the people whose vehicles are allergic to the track.  In other words, this Ram had to beat out vehicles in Columbus that are more than just trailer queens so I am inclined to be more impressed by this Ram taking the win at the Mopar Nationals – even though there is less smoke in the end.

In any case, there is just something magical about watching a Ram roast its tires while producing massive amounts of red smoke so crank up your speakers and enjoy!


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