Tech Thread Spotlight: Installing HID Reverse Lights in Your 4th Gen Ram

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2014 Ram 1500 Mossy Oak Edition

If you spend much time hauling a trailer with your Ram, you know that it can be tough to hook up at night in the dark with just the meager cargo light mounted atop the cab.  Fortunately, DF member 2009dodgeram put together a DIY thread explaining how to install a set of HID headlights in your taillights in place of your normal back up lights.  He also details how to add an HID headlight to the cargo light area which – as he points out – is great for blinding tailgaters in addition to being helpful when hooking up a trailer or unloading the bed in the dark of night.

2009dodgeram’s 4th gen Dodge Ram HID reverse light DIY walks you through each step, including what tools you will need, what components you will need and pointers along the way that will make the job easier – and make the new lights more effective for a longer period of time.  If you want your 4th gen Ram to have just as much lighting out back as you up front, click here to head into the 4g Ram section for a closer look at this handy (and surprisingly simple) DIY!

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