Tire Shredding: This Dodge Ramcharger Does the Best Burnout Ever

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This video of a Dodge Ramcharger doing what I consider to be the best burnout ever caught on video has made it’s rounds, but somehow it has managed to elude the Tire Shredding Tuesday segment.  With almost 29 million views it has been heavily viewed and you may have already seen it in the past but there is no question that it is worth a second look.

This peg-leg Dodge roasts the right rear tire in a burnout contest for so long that it literally shreds the tire…but the fun doesn’t stop there.  The driver continues to let the right rear wheel spin until it has ripped the entire tire from the steel wheel.  After the tire is totally gone, this uniquely painted Ramcharger continues to spin the bare wheel on the pavement until the wheel glows red hot as sparks shoot everywhere.  While we often chastise people for having single rear wheel traction, the fact that this old school Dodge SUV blew the tire – and then eventually blew the rim apart – makes it more than deserving of being featured on Tire Shredding Tuesday.

Predictably, this Dodge Ramcharger’s V8 engine sounds great so make sure that you have your speakers cranked up to hear the sound of melting rubber, grinding metal and a roaring American V8.

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