Tech Thread Spotlight 2nd Gen Dodge Neon Maintenance Information

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2001 dodge neon 600

The Dodge Neon has become a popular fixture in the low cost used car market and for many people who are buying a Neon from the early 2000s today, their new car might come with the need to do some maintenance.  Fortunately, the 2nd gen Dodge Neon Part Numbers, Maintenance Intervals and Fluid Capacities thread offers just about everything that a new owner will need to know about their new-to-them Neon.

This thread was put together by DF moderator and Neon guru darthroush.  He started by including part numbers for a great many components which are regularly replaced such as shifter bushings, a multifunction switch (turn signals, etc), engine mounts, timing belts in much, much more.  There are also prices and part numbers for different air filters, oil filters and spark plugs so almost anything that you could need to replace to make your Neon better or safer is found in this awesome thread.

So whether you just picked up your Dodge Neon and you are looking for some basic part numbers (and prices) to do some work yourself or if you have owned your car for years and you are looking to a quick reference sheet- click here for the answers to so many of your questions!

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