Tire Shredding Tuesday: Dodge Magnum RT Burns Tires and the Road

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magnum rt burnout 600

This week’s Tire Shredding Tuesday clip looks at a Dodge Magnum R/T as it puts an old set of tires to rest before buying a new set.  The Magnum is long gone from the Dodge lineup but this sinister looking station wagon offered some serious performance in its short time on Earth and with the help of the 5.7L Hemi – this car has no problem obliterating the rear tires.  Best of all, once the burnout has ended and the Magnum pulls off of the road, we can see where the rubber left on the road continues to burn minutes after the display of tire abuse has come to an end.

While this Dodge Magnum R/T sounds like it might have an aftermarket exhaust system to allow the Hemi to breath, I would guess that this car is fairly near stock and when you consider what a great burnout this wagon will do – it shows that the Magnum was one awesome performance car.  If only more station wagons were like the Magnum R/T…there would probably still be some on the market.  Unfortunately, when the time came to refresh the whole LX lineup including the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler 300, the Chrysler Group decided to kill off the muscular family hauler but this burnout reminds us why this car was so popular when it was available in showrooms around the country.

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