Tire Shredding Tuesdays: 1st gen Neon is ugly – but does nasty burnouts

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1st gen neon burnout 600

The 1st generation Dodge Neon was incredibly popular for not just its low price and great (for the time) fuel economy but also because it was a sporty, fun to drive car. Even though they didn’t pack the big power of the SRT4 versions offered during the 2nd generation, the early Neons helped to pave the way for the American sport compact segment that has sadly fallen off with the resurgence of American muscle. However, there are still plenty of people out there racing their 1st generation Neons.

Im guessing from the video that this guy is not one of them as the Neon in the video appears to be pretty beaten down by life but that doesn’t prevent this compact Dodge sedan from doing an incredible burnout. From the sound of things, this is a manual transmission model and according to the comments, this is a single cam 2.0L engine. There might be modifications but considering the condition of the vehicle – I would guess that this is just a stock beat up Neon on some old rubber.

The best part of this video (aside from the massive amounts of thick smoke) is the fact that as the engine RPMs climb and the car begins to run out of power, he shifts to get the revs back up to where they need to be to keep the tires spinning hard. The result is one of the best 1st gen Neon burnouts Ive seen. He is only spinning one wheel but in the long run – it doesn’t matter so long as you smoke the one tire good and hard and that is exactly what he does.

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