Truckin Fast Wednesdays: Dodge Dakota smokes a Silverado around an oval

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When I am scouring the internet in search of our weekly Truckin Fast Wednesdays feature video, I generally search for “drag race” and whatever type of Dodge or Ram truck I am have chosen for that particular week.  This little gem below came up with “spectator drag finals” and while I wasn’t sure what to expect – I certainly wasn’t expecting to see a Dakota and a Silverado “drag racing” around a small oval track.

In my years of racing, I’ve never seen a “drag race” that took place around the entirety of an oval race track but this video of a Dodge Dakota (looks like an R/T) against a Chevy Silverado shows just that.  As soon as the video begins, it is obvious that this is not your average drag race as the two trucks pull out of the small infield area by drifting out onto the track.  At that point, I expected that this was some sort of temporary drag strip setup in the straightaway of an oval course but as the trucks quickly hit the first turn it is clear that this is some sort of drag race/NASCAR hybrid – with street trucks.

While you might expect that the lighter Dodge Dakota R/T would have an advantage in the turns, the larger Chevy Silverado actually appears to handle the corners a bit better.  However, the Dakota is nasty fast in the straights once the two trucks are out and moving.  In race one, the Dakota falls behind through the first turn as the Silverado has the shorter run in the inside lane only to catch up on the back straight, falling back a bit through turns three and four only to blast away as the two hit the final run to the finish line.  In the second race, the Dakota starts on the inside and hands out a serious beating to the half ton Chevy – giving the Dakota the win in the best of three shootout.


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